About us

VIVESCENCE is « Science you can see ».



VIVESCENCE, “Science you can see”, was born from the desire to offer each person a tailor-made anti-aging solution, thanks to science. For 15 years now, we have been offering high-performance treatments that guarantee exceptional results in terms of the beauty and vitality of the skin.

VIVESCENCE’s beauty expertise is based on 3 technological pillars developed in collaboration with skin experts :

1. Highly concentrated neuro-cosmetic formulas

2. Professional high-definition treatments for institutes

3. State-of-the-art cosmetic instruments

Highly concentrated neuro-cosmetic formulas

Scientific advances in neuroscience have shown that the brain, through nerve cells, sends messages to the skin cells. With age, an imbalance in communication is created, the skin is less protected and the first signs of skin aging appear.

VIVESCENCE neuro-cosmetic actives restore the transmission of information between nerve cells and skin cells to :

  • Improve renewal, microcirculation and cellular oxygenation.
  • Reduce skin stress responsible for wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduce inflammation and chronic epidermal aggressions (hyper-sensitivity, spots, sebum, hyper keratinization…)

The objective of each VIVESCENCE formula is to reactivate the skin’s natural youth mechanisms. We use cocktails of ultra-performing active ingredients, specific to each range, to preserve :

  • The youth capital
  • The optimal level of hydration
  • The original radiance of the skin

 In each of our formulas, water has been replaced by a mineral water from the Swiss Alps of Valais, extremely pure, rich in minerals and biocompatible with the skin. It is perfectly biocompatible with the skin and its ecosystem, optimizes its metabolism and contributes to the preservation of the skin’s youthfulness.

Professional high-definition treatments for institutes.

In order to respond specifically and individually to the concerns of each woman who cares about her skin, VIVESCENCE has developed an exclusive program of professional treatments. These precision treatments are available in all our partner institutes and allow for a 360° personalized treatment with:

  • A personalized diagnosis adapted to the problem of the moment,
  • A personalized and educational prescription
  • A high-performance custom treatment, inspired and recognized in the medical field
  • A relay program of specific skincare for the home.

A state-of-the-art cosmetic instrument.

This division is an extension of our professional expertise and is based on the cosmetic instrumentalization principle, a vector of our molecules.

VIVESCENCE offers, through the LIFTO METRIC MT4 device, a global solution for the professional treatment of signs of aging and the reinforcement of the beauty capital.

The LIFTO METRIC MT4 instrument is based on :

  • The latest technological advances, scientifically recognized
  • Cosmetic and technological mixology
  • The injection of active cosmetics thanks to the bio-peptidic molecular infiltration of the STYLO PRECISFILLER

The professional formulas active molecules are then potentiated and transplanted into the very heart cells heart for optimized effectiveness and durability.

Always with you

In the heart of the Swiss Alps, VIVESCENCE® laboratories combine the latest in neuro-cosmetics and aesthetic technologyto create a unique beauty solution.

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